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Peace in Pakistan: A Play for Peace experience

"I had played a few games with them to bring smiles on the gloomy faces. I noticed that this worked very well."

On March 15th, around 14 people were killed and many injured in a Taliban attack on two churches in the eastern Pakistan city of Lahore. Starfish staff for Peace Mentor Anser Javed visited the affected area and a nearby orphan home for girls at Abba the next day. He met around 30 young girls at the orphan home who were appalled by the attack. The girls were disturbed by witnessing the attack in their backyard.

Just to help them relieve the stress and fear, Anser conducted a Practice Peace Session with the girls. The result of the session, Anser mentioned in his words “I had play few games with them to bring a smile on the gloomy faces. I noticed that this worked very well.” Thank you, Anser for your commitment and dedication to bringing peace to the communities of Pakistan.