Conflict Prevents Growth and Development

1 in 6 children live in war zones today

A community without peace

Puts children at risk for injuries or death. Children who experience trauma are also more likely to continue the cycle of violence and suffer from life-long health problems.

Abandons families facing hunger, malnutrition, infectious diseases, persecution and homelessness. This leads to our the global refugee crisis.

Destroys or severely limits access to basic needs, including clean water, health care, education, and other community services essential for growth and prosperity.

Local leaders for peace are the answer.

Promoting peace in areas at risk for violent conflict is both ethically sound and economically viable: For every $1 invested in peace building, there is a potential $16 reduction in the cost of armed conflict.

The Play for Peace experience helps people leave legacies of mistrust and violence behind. Communities around the world shift from a place of disconnection, fear, and violence into a place of inspiration, collaboration, and peace focused on common goals with action that are relevant locally. Spirits are healed.

New leaders for peace are born.