Laughter Heals & Connects People

That's why we Play for Peace in areas of conflict around the globe.

Live Laughter! 

Laughter Heals and Connects People. That's why we Play for Peace in areas of conflict around the globe.

Laughter is contagious. 

Laughter, like play, is a form of communication that is universally recognized and can create connection between individuals across deep divides of race, religion, and politics.

1 in 6 children live in conflict zones today.

That's why we train local youth leaders in areas of conflict to teach children and adults how to overcome differences and work together through cooperative play. They learn that even with diverse perspectives and opinions, peace is possible.

Play for Peace brings together children, youth, and organizations in more than 60 communities affected by conflict around the world, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace.

Play for Peace activities invoke laughter, which reduces stress and promotes well being, even with children in refugee camps or traumatized by violence.

When Play for Peace youth leaders teach compassion to children, they open them up to opportunities for kindness and friendships to develop, even across the deepest divides.

As Play for Peace local partners initiate a transformation toward a thriving community, the conditions necessary for development and prosperity arise.

How Your Support Brings Laughter and Peace to Children Living in Areas of Conflict 

Your Support Brings Laughter and Peace

Heals the Body

$50 can train one youth leader to use cooperative play with hundreds of children.

Heals the Heart

$100 helps pay for a peace-building activity with children in an at risk community.

Peace Heals

$250 can support Play for Peace in one community for three months.