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" "The mind is the tool we need to sharpen." " (from Kylie Loynd,Publisher: review from: Changing the message in Education. “They call him the " "Drug Guy," " but I call him medicine in motion. Jeff Albin is a certified chemical-dependency professional and a skilled wilderness survivalist with over 15 years experience. Growing through groups: Jeff is currently working in schools in southern Washington as an Intervention and Prevention Specialist where he uses play to set up group dynamics that foster personal growth. His games focus on essential skills that most educational curricula overlook. Early activities encourage healthy communication, dealing with conflict and how to ""refuse anything that doesn't feel physically and emotionally safe."" As a group of kids gets more cohesive, the games progress toward building trust and personal connections and the ability to ask for, receive and offer help freely to others. A sense of commitment and involvement develop as kids explore ways to find common ground and consensus. A highly functioning group becomes skilled at goal setting, planning, assessing risk and taking responsibility. These factors build the kind of self confidence that can carry a kid successfully through life.