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Play for Peace, at its core, seems to align very closely with my core values and beliefs: that all people can live harmoniously and learn from one another through the joy of play. Play is the great equalizer. When we play, we don’t see age, color, or gender per se, we are immersed in the moment, and in those moments lie rich teaching and learning opportunities for all involved. Understanding and utilizing the experiential learning cycle enriches these learning opportunities through reflection and application of “aha moments” discovered through play, to other areas of the play participant’s lives. This is where the power of this type of learning resides. Play by itself is a beautiful thing, but when enriched through intentional reflection, players become emotionally engaged in the lessons learned and with the people with whom they’ve learned and played with. The Play For Peace model of training youth to be facilitators is a brilliant one. For one, it empowers youth, giving them leadership, facilitation, activism and public speaking skills that will help them grow into confident adults. It also provides an opportunity for them to shine now, as youth leaders and role models. This ensures that the younger participants in play days can engage with other youth that they can aspire to be like, leading to sustainability of the Play For Peace clubs, like sowing the seeds each year for a new crop of young facilitators to grow out of this garden of peaceful young people effecting positive change in their local communities and in our global village.