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Certified Trainer


Hyderabad, India



"When I first attended the Play for Peace training, I was so happy with the fact that trainers remembered my name every time! I got a sense of recognition and respect, even when I was a drop-out from school. This value of inclusion touched me. With continuous involvement in the process I got confidence and liking for learning, which was lost due to fear of teachers. With cooperative games I am now able to lead teachers' trainings and give them tool to teach creatively without punishments." Shabana’s Play for Peace journey started when she was a drop-out from school wandering in the streets of old city of Hyderabad, sometimes selling stolen lemons. Shabana stopped going to school from a fear of receiving beatings and being required to do household work for her teachers at their houses. After attending her first Play for Peace training in 2000, she soon got excited to start sessions on her own, in her community. As a co-trainer and facilitator, Shabana has been travelling around India as a part of PLAY youth training for conflict resolution, leadership and team-building. Shabana is currenyly involved in the Zero Violence Project of our Khel se Mel, working for elimination of corporal punishment in schools.