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Kathryn Kylee
Certified Trainer
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  • Banglore, India
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“Experiential learning is a new and growing trend to help foster learning at a faster and deeper level.”

Kathryn is an International Certified Life Coach (CPCC, ACC) and is trained in Disadvantaged Early Child Development issues. She is also trained in using Experiential Learning Modalities (including games, activities and art-based mediums) for the education of life skills, problem solving, empowerment and self-awareness, non-violent communication, conflict resolution, team-building, leadership development and bringing diverse groups together to create peaceful interactions and better understanding of each other.

Kathryn is experienced with working in particular with disadvantaged youth to support them through educational programs that help them become empowered to make positive changes in their lives and to become more productive citizens. She  conducts Train the Trainer programs to develop adolescents as leaders in their communities with a concentration to expand this through youth empowerment programs, as well as work with adults in organizations wanting to duplicate this type of work. In addition, Kathryn develops educational and training programs to specifically meet the needs of the group that she is serving.