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Khula Aasman Club
Mumbai, India

“Play plays an essential part of healing oneself from the inside and opening oneself to the world.”

Khula Aasman Mumbai Club is supported by our programming partner Khula Aasman nonprofit organization based in Mumbai, India. Khula Aasman’s key area of work is the blending of art with social change, a relatively unexplored idea that has huge potential for nurturing positive mental health and bringing different groups of people together to work and create art.

Khula Aasman Club (a group of volunteers) works with  vulnerable children and communities using Play and Arts. The club does weekly Practice Peace Sessions along with other community service projects in Mumbai. The club also use other effective methods while working with children such as clay, paint, play, paper, waste, stories, poems, dance, music, yoga, and the power of creative visualization.