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Nagoor Kani
Certified Trainer
  • Certified Trainer
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  • Bangalore, India
  • Tamil, English

“Are you Comfortable? If Yes, let’s play. If not, let’s play.”

Nagoor believes that play is the best tool to break down barriers such as age, gender, and language, and bring all people in one circle and make them kids again. No stress; no worries; and peace in the world.

Play for Peace is a time machine that takes us back to our childhood, bringing back joy, love, care, fun, and laughter with us to bring peace in the world for our future generation.

Nagoor is working in NGO called FSL INDIA, Bangalore, as its Chief Coordinator in Long Term Volunteering program. He has been a Facilitator for Events, like their Orientation program and their Evaluation program for the past 6 years.