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“PFP is my soul and peace is my wish.” – Arif Khan


PFP Mentor Arif Khan loves children and translates this love through his service at Play for Peace Pink City in Jaipur. He believes that children are gifts from God. At Pink City, he conducts PFP sessions to the less privileged people in his area. He said that one of  the benefits of joining PFP is that he is able to connect with other global trainers. “PFP connects me with other trainers and we can share opinions,” said Arif. PFP uses social media to promote its life-changing cause and Arif is actively shares updates from his side of the world.

I was intrigued when I asked him about his city; why not blue? Why pink?  It turned out that the buildings in his hometown are painted in pink hues because of a law and tradition, dating back hundreds of years. “Jaipur is a kingdom. Jaisingh is a King of Jaipur,” Arif added.

As a facilitator, Arif is also a volunteer for World Vision India. “I learned of PFP in Jaipur through an ADP (Area Development Program) of World Vision India. Play for Peace is a good way of certifying peace. PFP is my soul and peace is my wish,” Arif said with conviction.    Joining other trainers in his country, he celebrated Compassion Games’ Earth Week in April with a string of global learning fun: drawings on saving water, garden cleaning, making the peace symbol with litter, film-showing, community park cleaning, practice peace sessions, fundraising for community sewer lines and serving cold water on hot days to the folks walking around.

With such acts of kindness serving both the people and their environment, Arif is serious in making this world a better place now. 130 children learned the importance of taking care of Mother Earth, especially its waters. A single drop is sacred as we experience climate change, pollution of all kinds, drought and waste. Other mentors of the Pink City Club are Mobina Qureshi, Rizwan Kazi, Usman Khan, Noushad Khan, Anam Khanam, Rubana Gulnaaz, Rizwan Kaha, Gulnaaz Kazi, and Nazru Khan.

“I am a peacemaker,” said Arif.

This new club started only in December 2016. Although it is a relatively new club, the team has been active and continues to grow. Pink City has a lot to smile about because Arif and his member-trainers make all these peace efforts possible in his area.