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Global Learning Community Support Program!


You and the work you are doing is so important to us we have developed a series of programs for 2016 to support you as a Play for Peace Global Learning Community members. Play for Peace is growing and we are so excited to offer you new opportunities to access resources, networking, support volunteers and materials.

Find out how here:

  1. Host THREE club exchanges to automatically get a Play for Peace BANNER for your club. To apply for exchanges, please click HERE
  2. Host Play for Peace activities for Compassion Games Earth Week in your community and receive $100.00 from PFP global to help cover the costs of your activities. Registration HERE
  3. Send TWO activity videos and TWO video interviews of PFP kids to Global PFP to receive photo/video CAMERA for your club.
  4. Fill out 4 Practice Peace Session reports (Compassion Games reports count!) as well as your Membership Renewal Form before June 30th and receive one full Play for Peace backpack of materials in the fall! HERE
  5. The Practice Peace Session Fund is now open! Application form – HERE.
  6. Register Play for Peace or renew your annual membership to access our Support Team. To request Support Team volunteer HERE

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The Support Team Description

We are bringing a new opportunity for our GLC to access a team of volunteers with various expertise that will be available for all the regions.The support team of volunteers includes Writer, Public Relations, Translators, Grant writers, Graphic Designing, Photographer and a Master Trainer.

The Support Team will help our community members (Clubs, Mentors, Trainers and Partners) in different projects. We have seven volunteers that are assigned to each region. To request a volunteer, GLC members need to fill out the Support Team request form and our assigned volunteer will contact them shortly and work with them on a giving project.

Support Team Description:

  1. Grant Writer: Grant writer will help the members with writing professional grants and proposals for your clubs/events/trainings  
  2. Public Relations: PR will help the community with contacting local media for PFP session/event coverage, sending press releases and writing PFP promotional material for your events and programs
  3. Translator: Translators will help our GLC by translating English documents into local/native languages
  4. Blogger: Bloggers will help you write stories of your sessions/experiences and events to share them with Global PFP
  5. Graphic Designer: Designer will help the community by designing flyers, promotional material, events material etc.
  6. Photographer: Photographer will visit your traininings and sessions and capture photos while our trainers/mentors will be busy in running the session
  7. Master Trainer: Assigned Master Trainer will help the community with training and programming support. The Master trainer will share ideas and answer any questions that you might have regarding PFP concept, training, Modules, Curriculum etc.