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Shy smiles turn into confident ones. Young people gather joyfully in areas that were once avoided out of fear. Around the world, youth are becoming agents of change and ambassadors for peace forming Play for Peace Clubs in schools, organizations, neighborhoods and communities with the support of their Play for Peace Mentor. They lead cooperative play Practice Peace Sessions with younger children and other youth, teaching and role-modeling trust, communication, respect and cooperation, along with many other life skills.

“With Play for Peace, I have seen teenagers that didn’t have a voice before, whether it’s in their school, with their community, or friends – get a voice. Confidence grows. Kids that didn’t think they could go to school, or go to college or achieve anything because their environment has always taught them they can’t and you won’t, go on to graduate college and start or work for other programs doing things that they learned from us.” Chaun, Certified Trainer in Chicago

Youth-led volunteer Play for Peace Club projects are launched in response to a local need and communities and lives are changed forever. Communities become more unified, self- sufficient and resilient in the face of challenges. Five or more youth, along with the support of a local adult, who becomes a Play for Peace Mentor, can form a Play for Peace Club after receiving Play for Peace Training from a Play for Peace Certified Trainer.

From even the most humble beginnings, Play for Peace Youth Facilitators make powerful and lasting contributions to their communities. See a list of our current Play for Peace Clubs by profile or location and contact us for more information about how to form a Play for Peace Club in your community.