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2015 Giving Games: Highlights from Mexico!

"Carrying messages of peace, tranquility and vitality to every possible household, giving also a message of respect and union." - Love Teens

Play for Peace recently partnered with Compassion Games International during the 2015 Giving Games in December. Where Play for Peace teams and individuals committed Acts of Compassion in their communities to help inspire other teams from around the world to do the same. Thanks to the efforts of all those who participated, Play for Peace has officially left its mark of kindness and compassion in the Giving Games history blogs. As reports came flooding in from all over the world, an astounding 20 reports were submitted by Play for Peace teams from our friends in Mexico. Here are a few we would like to share with you!

A Flower, A Smile

A flower

Submitted by: Love Teens As part of the PLAY FOR PEACE campaign, we went out to the streets, malls, streets etc. , to give plants with positive messages to people who did not know , so inspiring a phrase that touches the people who receive it , urging them to have a great day and an incentive to continue with a positive attitude . Carrying messages of peace, tranquility and vitality to every possible household giving also a message of respect and union.

Granting a Message


Submitted by: Peace Our activity is distributing messages to different nearby communities where we live and show that not everything is lost that fight. It is to create awareness among the people supported, helping to create some awareness on different issues such as helping the child, the environment or oneself and lift their spirits and desire to get ahead in the world. They say that to change the world one should always start by changing the perspective of yourself, why not say what we think, because they do not share those feelings of joy, solidarity, amity, brotherhood with someone else, because we strive to make Only a circle of friends, because they expand our horizons, perhaps since our humble opinion the first step is really to get in each other's shoes and give a smile to those most in need, a hug who else is missing, many People need to know they are not alone this planet, there is someone who truly and unselfishly wants to know what happens, why, and if it is wrong and we need all of them to listen to us, we are here and we want to be increasingly Thinks "there is no future without planet", so we ask that recicles and see that with minimal ecological contribution that these and helping the planet

Donation of Clothes, Toys, Groceries and Sweets


Submitted by: Diseño 9 It was the first inn in a small orphanage girls, which I will be donated clothes, toys and stuffed animals as these girls are small and are in the care of mothers. The second stop was a project, to give joy to the children of the area Teoloyucan, "the brick" He became a collective in which clothing, toys, canned food and sweets are safe. toys were given to children of different ages, plus a small piñata was organized so they could have a little fun, after sweets were distributed to the children. after pantries were distributed to seniors most in need, these included, oatmeal, soup, tuna canned among other things but to make it easier to distribute. small playground for children, with the distribution of toys and finish the day, lots of smiles and hopes of young children were organized. This experience helped us to appreciate the little things more, since seeing the kids were thrilled with things that we may be insignificant but they are not and that was a great lesson that a little can do a lot.

Walk in Nature


Submitted by: Soldados de la Paz Walking through the quiet nature. We walked reflecting how important it is to have a clean environment and how much we need it. It was a very relaxing experience with the peace around us. We would like to repeat the experience to get back closer to nature.

Garbage Collecting


Submitted by: Peace Throwing garbage is a horrible habit that many people have, for lack of education and interest in nature, but not criticize people who do, it is best to raise awareness of an effective and fun way for children and adults are encouraged to contribute to the cause. Collecting garbage, raise awareness and make things right not only guarantees a cleaner country and visually if not better quality of life for people living in the country and a better future for new generations., Recalls that great changes begin with oneself. The reflection that we should consider is that when we see a person throwing garbage in the streets or in public places, is say gently to be put trash where it should go and so do not generate a hit really in our nature that exists in Mexico . For a clean and comfortable for everyone as it is what we want today and forever Mexico.

Watering Plants


Submitted by: Soldados de la Paz We water plants to achieve that with time and care will grow more. We all participate using our hands for water to reach plants or small trees. Let us see that although there was little that we did this take a huge impact to make plants grow well, with this we expect it to grow even more. Making nature and the environment even greener.

Chain of Memories


Submitted by: LOVE TEENS Start with taking a significant goal of his life yet unknown person , who will tell the story of this object and ask to change an equally significant goal for him, repeating is action consecutively achieved be exchanged life stories, sharing not only objects if no memories. Promote empathic listening and unconditional acceptance other containing significant agreements.

Voice for Peace

Voice of PEACE

Submitted by: LOVE TEENS People write on white sheets a sentence that inspire peace to live their lives , these phrases are part of your daily life and shared across a photo , creating a chain of peace. Through this chain to make people aware of the importance of peace in their daily lives .



Submitted by: Alfalobodinamita In this other activity we conducted posters promoting peace in the town of Santa Barbara. Activity pleased us much since the goal of drawing attention of people took place , there was a girl who came up to ask us information and take pictures because I interested what we were doing

Hug a Tree


Submitted by: Balam In this activity team members embrace some trees located in a park near town. This activity was in order to raise awareness of the great importance of nature for everyone, and this is a comforting feeling activity that is in contact with a living being who does not often take into account.