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Join our fun and engaged global team, people who dedicate their time and expertise to help Play for Peace grow and impact lives. Our volunteers come from all over the world and work with us online to promote the organization and in person to run Play for Peace fundraising programs and events. Short-term, long-term and internship positions are available.

How to Become a Volunteer 

Step 1: Research

Learn more about Play for Peace via our blog and social media channels. Next, review our open volunteer positions below to find one that fits your interests and skills.

Step 2: Apply

Apply via our online volunteer application form by clicking on the button beside each open position. You will be contacted within 15 business days with further details.

Step 3: Engage

If offered a position, you'll take a 30-minute online orientation course, be connected with a designated coordinator, and sign a volunteer agreement before beginning your training.

Open Volunteer Positions

  • Blogger

    Long-term Volunteers Only (6+ months)

    Purpose: Write and submit interviews, articles and stories about our global community. 

    Requirements: Submit at least one blog post to our communications team for publishing every two months.

    Qualifications: You must provide a writing sample during the application process.

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  • Social Impact Micro Volunteer

    Short-term or Long-term Volunteer 

    Micro-volunteering describes a volunteer, or team of volunteers, completing small tasks that make up a larger project.

    Purpose: Help us spread the word about our work and our community to the world!

    Requirements: There is no need to apply, just do the following actions when you have time.

    1. Sign up for our newsletter: Get our latest news and stories of impact in your inbox when you sign up at the bottom of this page. Every month forward this email on to at least one friend and let them know why they should also follow our work.
    2. Be part of our community: Join our social media pages and like, comment and share with your network. Help us spread our stories.

    Qualifications: None.

    No Need to Apply! Start today!

  • Pitch Your Project

    Do you have a skill or talent you think could help our community thrive but don't see it on this list? Pitch your own project and we will consider it based on need and availability of a coordinator. 

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