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Peaceful Impacts - The 30 Peacemakers in La Cienaga, San Raymundo, Guatemala Fighting for our Planet

"Our planet needs citizens who care, love, and value the space where we live. In the Ciénaga San Raymundo community, more than 30 children, youth and parents gathered to reflect on our commitment and responsibility to the planet. We carried out various activities of observation, interaction and games where we learned the importance of caring for our land. 

They talked about water, garbage pollution and the environment, among other topics. As a form of awareness, traditional games that are friendlier to our planet were also promoted. We play marbles, spinning tops, yax, yoyos, among others. Play For Peace and Kojbiyin Junam Ajkoj contributing with small actions to improve our citizen coexistence with the planet."

This update is so inspirational and a powerful reminder of what we can do for our planet when we work together towards a better goal as a family and as one community!

We loved that they even took something as simple as the games they were playing in order to make all the activities better for the environment. 

In Maryland, where I'm writing this from, my husband and I have started to recycle more of our trash! It isn't always easy and sometimes we get tired or lazy. But, we keep up the effort because we know that, in the end, our planet and wildlife will be so grateful that we did.

What's one thing you've done in the past year that's been better for the environment? Let us know on our socials @playforpeaceorg because we love hearing from you!

Until our next post, play for peace everyone! - Heather, Play for Peace's Digital Storyteller

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