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A Learning Initiative for Today's World That Needs Your Support

Last July, we announced our partnership with Kikori, a mobile/web application company that specializes in experiential education activities for educators. Together we created Play for Peace 2.0,an app that helps our community to better facilitate training sessions and serves as a database for Play for Peace activities. Kikori has been an invaluable partner, and we are grateful for our collaboration. Watch our video to learn more about our partnership!

As Kikori has championed our efforts to connect and serve our community, we are excited to partner with them once again in support of their latest initiative to better serve educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using their award-winning app—which provides educators with team building activities for teaching academics and social emotional skills—Kikori is focusing on offering experiential learning activities that can be done virtually and with physical distancing. During this unprecedented time, when in many ways, school must be reimagined by educators, Kikori’s app will be an important virtual learning tool for connecting with students.

Here’s where you—our Play for Peace community—come in!

This week, August 5th and 6th only, we are asking you to visit Kikori’s Kickstarter page and donate in support of their project. Our recommendation is $20—the same amount as a ticket to our upcoming Level Up: Race for Humanity, a virtual effort to move in solidarity with our global Play for Peace community. Email us at and let us know that you supported Kikori’s project and we'll send you a promo code for 50% off your ticket to Level Up: Race for Humanity!

Learn more and donate to Kikori’s Kickstarter campaign here: 

All funding from the Kickstarter campaign will go directly toward building the next version of their app, which will be an invaluable resource for teachers as they adapt their educational instruction to a socially distant—and in many cases virtual—learning environment.