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Action in Africa Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

With Coronavirus lockdowns expanding globally, billions of people in Africa are faced with unprecedented restrictions. South Africa has declared a national disaster and announced a ban on travel from the worst affected countries. Kenya is in a partial lockdown after the president announced the closure of schools and imposed sweeping travel restrictions. Despite all of this, Play for Peace clubs in Africa are working hard to support their communities, providing access to food, basic necessities, and emotional support. Below you’ll learn what our clubs are doing and how you can support them!

Star Club, Kenya

Mentor Innocent Mania runs the Play for Peace Star Club in a community school in the city of Kisii. Supporting more than 50 young children from poor backgrounds, the club spends 150,000 Kenya shillings a month to provide food and education for these children and meals for their families. Currently, the Coronavirus pandemic is harshly affecting the community school that the club works in, and needs support in order to continue providing food to the community every day. Please donate now and help the Star Club to continue this important work! 

Healing Play Club, Burundi

Since Burundi is a country known for cycles of violence and war, Play for Peace’s club there is called Healing Play—reflecting the great need for cooperative play and compassion. Poverty and lack of leadership is the basis of conflicts there, so with the Coronavirus pandemic, preventive measures are not effective; especially for children who still go to school and are not able to practice social distancing. More than 100 students can be observed in a single class, body hygiene is not respected, soap is hard to come by, and some schools where our clubs practice do not have water. For this reason, Healing Play Club mentor, Obed Nimjimbere, is raising awareness about the needs of his club. Please donate now to support the Healing Play club in its efforts to provide local children and their families with protection and better hygiene against COVID-19, as well as educational and healing opportunities. 

Ambassadors for Change Club, South Africa

In Khayelitsha, South Africa, the Ambassadors for Change Club, led by mentor Faith Thando Sidinana, is focusing its efforts on supporting the most vulnerable families in the community, helping to provide access to food and electricity during the Coronavirus lockdown. The youth-led club, which works to support community resilience and well being, is seeking funding to support 125 families during this time. Please donate now to support the Ambassadors for Change Club, so they can not only provide food and electricity to vulnerable families, but also provide them with encouragement and moral support and bring awareness to COVID-19 in order to limit the spread of the virus.

South Sudan Club, South Sudan

One of the more than 200 countries affected by the Coronavirus, South Sudan—a country already dealing with violence and poverty, as well as a poor infrastructure, health care system, and education system—is feeling the adverse effects. With schools closed and children staying home, it has become a challenge for parents and caregivers to provide the care their families need. With the support of Play for Peace, the South Sudan Club, led by mentor Eric Gisairo, can ensure that the community understands COVID-19 and support vulnerable families with food, basic necessities, and moral support to improve mental health and reduce stress levels. Please donate now and support the South Sudan Club in its efforts to help the local community during this ongoing crisis.