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Five Days Until Level Up: Race for Humanity! Here's What to Expect.

Next week we'll kick off the first-ever, totally virtual, Level Up: Race for Humanity—and we really can’t wait. In the midst of a year full of uncertainty, we are looking forward to giving our global community a way to come together in a fun and active way that sparks hope, joy, and compassion. If you’ve already registered—and even if you haven’t signed up yet—here’s what you can expect from this month-long community building event.

Once you sign up, from September 1-30, you’ll participate in weekly activities that level up your body, mind and heart. This means taking part in virtual guided activities that promote health and wellness while sparking compassion, connection, and community. To help you along the way, you’ll also have access to video tools from experts in physical, mental, and spiritual well being. You’ll receive a digital training toolkit to assist you on your journey, which includes a week-by-week breakdown of themes and activities, instructions for earning badges for completing these activities, and details for sharing information about your progress via social media.

Each week will have a theme based on important Play for Peace values. Here’s the schedule:

  • September 1: Opening Ceremony
  • September 5-11: Compassion Week
  • September 12-18: Connection Week
  • September 19-25: Community Week
  • September 26-29: Race week
  • September 30: Closing Ceremony

During the final week, you’ll participate in a race of your choosing—from 2.2 miles to 20.2 miles—where you’ll run, walk, or roll while integrating what you’ve learned about compassion, connection, and community. This could mean a 2.2 mile walk to deliver appreciation notes to your neighbors, a 10K run to deliver masks and PPE to a local hospital, or a bike ride to draw uplifting chalk art in a special place in your community—do what inspires YOU!

Besides supporting your own wellness and contributing to the betterment of your local community, all proceeds you raise will help us to recruit, train, and support Play for Peace youth leaders in areas of conflict around the world. With only a few days left until the race, make sure to register now, share the details with your community, and get ready to level up starting on September 1!