Help us Supercharge Positive Change

Since laughter and having fun is, in a way, the core business of Play for Peace, we formed a very natural partnership with the first-ever global collaborative fundraising challenge in the world—the ROFL challenge.

ROFL stands for “rolling on the floor laughing” and is currently being carried out by 50 dedicated, innovative, and solution-based nonprofit organizations working in more than 65 countries. The steps of the challenge are as follows: 

  1. An individual/organization accepts the ROFL challenge and creates a funny video stating their acceptance. 
  2. They film themselves rolling on the floor laughing or doing anything else that makes others laugh, and also make a donation to the ROFL challenge. 
  3. They challenge three other organizations or individuals to do the same. 

What is most important is the sharing of created videos to different social media channels to spread the challenge. The collaboration of these 50 organizations is also key, and includes organizations such as the We Go High Project, Compassion Games, KINS Innovation Networks, The mosaic project and, of course, Play for Peace.

Several Play for Peace clubs have already accepted the challenge and submitted videos and challenged other clubs. Check out a few of our ROFL videos below!

Play for Peace challenges ALL OF YOU to take the challenge and support us by creating a video as an individual or a group, sharing your video and challenge others, sharing our ROFL videos, or donate to our cause via the ROFL website or text ROFL to 50155 (U.S. only).