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Leveling Up During Compassion Week: Reflections From Our Clubs

During the first week of Level Up: Race for Humanity (September 5-11), our global community focused on compassion, challenging ourselves to see the suffering of others and respond with kindness and empathy. Participants included the amazing mentors we introduced last week, who took part on their own and with their clubs. Below you’ll learn about the Compassion Week journeys of mentors Obed from Burundi and Francisco from Mexico as they worked to find a deeper meaning in compassion.

Obed, Burundi

In the Gitega Province of Burundi, Obed, along with three facilitators from the Healing Play club, led activities with more than 65 people—both adults and youth from local schools and children’s programs. With activities ranging from games and a special Level Up dance to meditation and sharing a drink and bread together, Obed reported that the children really enjoyed their time together. He shared that the members of the group were excited to learn from one another and find a place where their rights and needs exist. In working together, the group was able to see the amazing capacity of others to develop and act with compassion. 

“These kinds of events are necessary to promote positive thinking,” Obed said. “The games are healing.” He hopes that funds from the Race for Humanity will create more opportunities like this for his community to play and enjoy peace sessions together.

Francisco, Mexico

For Francisco, Compassion Week included family and friends working together to create compassion. His own parents participated, as well as volunteers and their brothers and sisters. Doing activities such as Perspective, Mind Power, and Hand Slap (learn more about these activities on our Level Up page), Francisco was amazed to see how the group connected during the session and how they reacted with compassion and kindness. 

“It is amazing how a small activity can contain great content and impact on our lives,” he said. Francisco hopes that as a result of the Race for Humanity, his club will have more funds to support those in vulnerable situations, such as homeless people or children who lack educational opportunities. And while his community has seen much chaos and disorder as a result of COVID-19, he hopes that compassion and empathy for others will help to create solidarity in his community once again.