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Play for Peace Update: Exciting Changes to the Board of Directors

We are thrilled to announce a few exciting updates regarding our board of directors! 

We are excited to welcome Tom Numbere, Jr., who will be joining our esteemed group of board members. Based in the Chicago area, Tom is a senior engagement manager at Intapp and has more than 20 years of IT, operations, and project management experience. He met Play for Peace Co-founder Michael Terrien 10 years ago and has known about the organization for about as long. He realized the power of play once he had children and witnessed Play for Peace methodology playing out while on vacation with his own family. His two-year old son began playing with two slightly older children—one from Brazil and the other from Germany—and none of them spoke the same language. 

“Watching them work through what game they wanted to play, what the rules would be, and resolve disputes really crystallized how powerful a tool play is,” Tom said. “Later in the day my son, without prompting, told his grandmother that he really liked working out problems with his new friends. He talked about how it was hard at first, but worth it. Experiences like that are what help a child develop the skills and emotional intelligence to thrive in the world.”

We are excited to have Tom on the board of directors, where he can bring his ideas and passion for the Play for Peace mission to the table.

"Play for Peace enthusiastically welcomes Tom Numbere to its board of directors," said Terrien. "Tom’s background, expertise and integrity will add great value and sound governance to the organization."

With Tom’s arrival comes some additional changes to our board of directors. We have several new officers, including:

  • Linda Hartman-Reehl, MSLOC, Chair
  • Rev. Dr. Karen McKinney, Vice Chair 
  • Dr. Mark Havens, Secretary
  • Kevin Creely, Treasurer

Learn more about our leadership team here.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank board member John Guarrine, who has stepped down as Play for Peace board chair after eight years of service. He and his family have dedicated so much time and energy to Play for Peace, and John has been an indispensable member of our board. We are grateful that he will stay on as board director, continuing to help us bring laughter, compassion, and peace to communities worldwide.

"Without John Guarraine, Play for Peace would not exist," said Terrien. His commitment and dedication to Play for Peace and all that it stands for come from a deep well of compassion and sense of righteousness. . . . He's a man who truly lives to make the world a more beautiful, caring and peaceful place."