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Play for Peace is Getting Ready for Earth Week!

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues in the world today. Many Play for Peace volunteers live in areas and communities that have been affected by natural disasters caused by climate change (i.e. floods and droughts), and as a result, violence, unrest, and even war arise out of a struggle for resources. Therefore, creating peace is strongly connected with taking care of our resources and our planet.

On April 22, Play for Peace will kick off its Global Compassion Games in honor of Earth Week, and our clubs will facilitate activities and community service events around caring for the environment and our planet.

In order for our clubs and volunteers to organize these Earth Week events, we need your support! A donation of $100 sponsors one local Play for Peace club hosting an Earth Week activity, and all donations go directly to our clubs and help pay for workshop materials and other items needed to conduct activities.

Donate now and support us!

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