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Leading a Successful Workshop at Chico State University

This inspiring update comes from our very own Development Director, Marilyn Levin’s experienced leading a successful workshop at Chico State University.

Educational leaders from 18 countries participated in the Play for Peace “Leveraging Your Learning Experiences” workshop on June 6, 2022. The workshop focused on experiential, social-emotional, and peace education training to enhance the participants' curricula and teaching tools. The workshop also did a beautiful job of providing opportunities for connection, compassion, and community - hallmarks of the Play for Peace ethos.

Gathered in the Chico State University gymnasium and outside on a beautiful sunny day, participants explored the Play for Peace methodology and the Experiential Learning Cycle in collaborative and experiential ways. The two participants who tested positive for COVID a few days before the event attended virtually and were able to be a part of the experience in a meaningful way.

The day was filled with personal insights, professional awareness, and the soothing experience of belonging and laughter. The participants shared stories of the amazing work they are doing in their home communities and shared with each other how they could enhance their work with the learnings of the day.

Personal well-being for teachers/administrators and supporting the well-being of students were a special focus throughout the day. This emphasis provided knowledge, methods, and tools to support healthy community engagement as well as problem-solving.

Highlights of the day included:

During our time in the sunshine learning about how to process experiential activities together and how to accommodate multiple differing needs among participants while doing so.
The “Field of Dreams” activity was where participants crossed a space filled with “obstacles” while wearing blindfolds. They learned about their problem-solving, conflict management, and team-building skills.
Our ending activity invited participants to acknowledge and uplift each other by sharing the remarkable qualities they see in each other.

One of the indicators of the magic of the day was the joy and connection that participants left with and the choice they all made to spend the evening together rather than going their separate ways.


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