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Richard Rutschman did an amazing job training 30 young Ukrainian and Polish leaders

Due to its geographical proximity and historical ties, Ukraine has been a significant source of migrant workers for Poland, particularly after Ukraine's political and economic developments in recent years.

While many Ukrainians have found employment opportunities and are welcomed by Polish society, there have been instances of discrimination and xenophobia. These issues are not exclusive to Ukrainians but extend to other migrant communities as well. Discrimination can manifest in various forms, such as unequal treatment in the workplace, limited access to certain services, negative stereotypes, or instances of hate crimes.

It's important to note that discrimination is not a universal experience for all Ukrainians living in Poland.

As KIK Director, Anita S. says, ”Bringing Polish and Ukrainian youth together could change the future!“ We are now exploring a new partnership and opening clubs in Poland focused on bringing together Polish, Ukrainian, and other marginalized people.

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