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Connecting Play for Peace Members across the Globe

As a global learning community, our shared learning takes many forms as trainers and mentors share effective games and methods and travel to new areas to bring Play for Peace methodology. As often as possible, youth leaders and their trainers and mentors from different Play for Peace Clubs hold Skype exchanges, in which they share their experiences, as well as techniques and games that they use in Practice Peace Sessions. The exchanges take place across many time zones, and the learning that takes place is remarkable, as young leaders make connections with people around the world who are working to make their communities more peaceful.

Play for Peace embarked on an unusual experiment in 2013: bringing together youth leaders through video conferencing to share knowledge, create new ideas and inspire each other. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. In 2014, we organized the exchanges on a regular basis, with Play for Peace youth leaders from Philippines, India, USA connected to leading deeper ties and expanded horizons.  

We're sharing some feedback from past Skype exchanges between Clubs, and we'll be reporting on new exchanges as they take place.  

Psychs Club, Philippines, and Khel Se Mel Club, India
“I would like to extend my gratitude to Javeed, for all his help and excellent teaching skills.  We are going to use what we learned on the day with the participants of the Bajau Community. Also, a big thanks to Imroz at Play for Peace for organizing and making this wonderful event happen. I’ve learned so much from this exchange. Thank you!” – Mitzi Figueroa  

“The Guatemala-USA youth exchange was perfect! My Spanish-speaking students had a very special experience on the program, especially as it was in Spanish so they could understand.  It was certainly a challenge to organize but this was part of the fun, and we can improve and learn from here. It was brilliant to see the students having such a great time. Thanks, Andres." - Kendra Bostick  

Gousia School Club, India and Play for Peace, USA
"The way these girls were sharing about their dream to be independent, courage to fight against their odds and a passion to be an example for others reminded me of my initial days in Play for Peace. I can see a new generation of Play for Peace leaders emerging!"  Imroz Shah