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#EarthWeek Recap: Pink City Play for Peace Club

During Earth Week, Pink City PFP discussed water with the children. The children were taught that 70% of the Earth is water. Although some of these are freshwater sources and glaciers, most of the water is salt water. As humans cannot ingest salt water, we must preserve and clean water for the upcoming generations. It was a very informative session for the kids. The kids were also given markers and paper to draw their gratitude toward the water.

Another session saw participants watching videos about how to save water and the importance of nature. A discussion was also held on compassion games. Participants learned how to create peace with compassion games, the importance of water, and how nature is meaningful. Another session that Pink City PFP held was an incredible act of humanity, not only towards the Earth but towards the community. As water was a central theme for Pink City PFP during Earth Week, the community decided to take on the task of cleaning the community’s sewer line. Children committed themselves to collecting funds to help pay for local workers and parents to clean the sewer line. They then used the freshly cleaned water to serve members of the community on a hot day. Everyone was overjoyed! It was an amazing act of community togetherness but was also a loving act towards the preservation of the community and respecting our Earth.