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Giving Games Recap: Mexico

The Play for Peace clubs in Mexico were very active during the Giving Games, hosting activities and discussions that revolved around empathy and reflection for others. Sometimes society makes life extra hard; everyone who has ever experienced the “outsider” feeling can agree. So youth need to understand what it means to be empathetic. Sometimes, imagination needs a little help when the goal is to place oneself in someone else's shoes; to go this extra mile, another club in Mexico decided to address the specific reality of blindness and the everyday inner challenges of someone experiencing it.

For this activity, blindfolds were necessary and while wearing them, two groups of acquaintances were confronted and, while remaining silent, got close to one another, found their way to the other's face, and by touching, stroking, and using mostly their tact sense, recognized the person they're touching. It's all about making a conscious effort to spare others' emotions and being aware of how a word or an attitude can make a big difference in others' lives. It's up to each one of us to take responsibility for that difference to be on the positive side rather than the negative one. But what about those who have no means to let anyone know about what's troubling them and the rough lives they must lead?

Animals are our fellow creatures on this planet and even when there are places where this conscience is growing stronger, it's still safe to say the vast majority of people show limited respect for animals. A Mexican club decided to spread some awareness and action by buying dog food and hitting the streets in search of stray dogs to feed and spend some time with. Compassion knows no boundaries between species, races, and conditions. A great warm feeling spreads when, in light of an ever more violent, selfish, and sometimes scary world, individuals make an effort to remind us doing good is always within reach and that making a difference is always possible.

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