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Guest Blog Series: Thinking about Peace on Earth Day

If we want peace, every day should be Earth Day.

Play for Peace is not an "environmental" organization in the traditional sense, but an essential part of who we are as a Global Learning Community includes a deep care for the earth and awareness that future global sustainability and peace depend on how we take care of the environment now. Many, if not all conflicts around the world are created, or exacerbated by, power struggles to control land and natural resources. I also believe that the way a community treats the environment is often a reflection of how its people treat themselves and each other.

I am proud of the fact that Play for Peace Board Secretary Janet McDonnell spent Earth Day at her State Capitol Building with a beautifully painted sign calling for clean electricity and that one of our partners in Guatemala, Project Series, trains young leaders to become skilled in organizing locally-led environmental projects. Many of the community action projects led by Play for Peace facilitators have an environmental focus because if we want peace, every day should be Earth Day. - Written by Sarah Gough, Director of Play for Peace.