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Healing Play in Burundi

This mini bite-sized update comes from the Healing Play club in Burundi where 150 participants and 6 youth leaders create lasting change in their local communities.

In a gathering of all the participants and leaders, two games were focused on their enriching and enlightening elements for this particular group. Those activities were 'Finding Harmony' and 'What I Stand For' - both of which can be found under our profile on the Kikori App. In particular, the 'What I Stand For' activity inspired participants to accept that both peace and security must be basic human rights in Burundi in addition to respecting their religion. They were even moved to tell their parents, who were invited to the sessions, that it is better to listen to them when they make mistakes rather than resorting to physical harm. 

Our activities served as a catalyst for healing, bravery, and transformation. As you can see, we wouldn't have it any other way!

You can support the Healing Play club in Burundi as well as other clubs in over 40 countries worldwide by donating to our movement today.


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