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Visualizing our dream!

About six months ago, after experiencing the rapid expansion of Play for Peace that began in 2013, I felt our website needed to represent our new community. The idea of creating a new site was born! As a dynamic learning community we are always growing and evolving. As a grassroots movement, we do so with innovation and creativity. This is where Alberto Olcese  came in. From Genoa, Italy, Alberto came to us from the online United Nations Volunteers program after being selected from many qualified applicants. Alberto represents the spirit of Play for Peace. He sees himself as designer and researcher.

“I have always been a curious and research-oriented student, enthusiastic for continue improving my knowledge...I believe that communication is a tool to produce thought, especially where it is important to value innovation, education and development. Moreover, I’m dedicated to investing my energies and my capabilities to spreading values that could contribute to improve the reality we live in and support a sustainable development.”

Visit Alberto’s website to see more of his work and explore our new website to learn more about Play for Peace today!