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Play Morteza’s Social Emotional activities with your kids and students

I’m constantly inspired by the power of human tenacity in the face of the most challenging circumstances. Our PFP community member from Afghanistan, Morteza, had to flee his home for the safety of his family. As a community we have remained in touch and supportive of him as possible. While he is no longer able to run formal PFP programs due to the situation, he has used PFP activities with his children to mitigate the stress and trauma of their lives and he has continued to contribute to our community. With his support, we just published 5 activities on the @kikoriapp he shared with us and hope you can keep him and all of the displaced Afghans in your hearts.

Play Morteza’s activities with your kids or students but downloading the @kikoriapp FREE or support our community by purchasing a Kikori Premium Subscription and getting 10% off using our promo code PLAYFORPEACE10 →

Live Laughter. Choose Compassion. Practice Peace.

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