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Kikori Spotlight: Joel Alexander, Content Crew Volunteer

written by Annie Tasker

Now through June, Play for Peace is partnering with the experiential learning app Kikori to develop a one-stop shop for our Practice Peace Session events -- a project powered by an international group of volunteers dubbed the Content Crew. Meet Joel Alexander, one crew volunteer whose time and talents are bringing high-quality activities to facilitators around the world.

Joel Alexander from Kerala, India

Profession / course of study “I have completed my undergraduate studies with majors in psychology and anthropology."

What do you do on the Content Crew? "I help the Play for Peace team translate activities from activity guides into actionable step by step instructions which will go up on the Kikori app."

What is one “Kikorified” activity you’ve found especially interesting? “I really liked the activity called 'Adventure Walk Off The Ground.' It’s got a fun obstacle course, which participants have to navigate, and also requires teamwork, determination and problem solving skills -- fantastic when facilitating with small groups!”

If you had a blank check to do one thing to bring peace to your community (however you define community), what would you do? "I would help establish a community recreation center where people of all ages can gather together to participate in a variety of activities. It would be complete with a hall, game room, community library and garden."

Come join Joel on the Content Crew! Learn more here!