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A Journey of Purpose and Passion: Kiran Sahani's Path to the McCall MacBain Scholarship

Kiran Sahani, wrote this story.

The dream began in 2013 with the founding of Jagran, driven by a vision to make our community equitable and just. We aimed to raise awareness about the pressing issues and inspire individuals to become agents of positive change. Our journey started with street plays in our communities, addressing issues such as child labor, child development, waste pollution, waste management, women's empowerment, and various health issues like HIV, Malaria, and Dengue.

Subsequently, we discovered Play for Peace, a medium that allowed us to connect with people through games and activities. This engagement with Play for Peace boosted our confidence in connecting with youth and children, facilitating positive change. We utilized games, activities, and puppet shows to spread awareness about social issues within our community. We incorporated Play for Peace activities to increase the attention of students in government schools in Kolkata and readmitted dropout students to those schools.

Every Peace Practice Session teaches me new things; it is not only a session where you are playing games and activities to create an experiential-based education but a two-way learning space. Children taught me to be happy and open to new learnings even under challenging situations. The best part I learned from Play for Peace is its core values: Inclusion, Cooperation, Safety (Physical and Emotional safety), Role Modeling, and, most importantly, Fun!

This journey with Play for Peace has made me feel confident and inclusive in my work. Thanks to the Play for Peace and Jagran team, I possess diversity in my thoughts and am a role model for many individuals in my community. It also taught me to be cooperative with people and only compete with myself to be a better version of myself.

Now, as an Ashoka University alumna, I am honored to have received the prestigious McCall MacBain Scholarship at McGill University. This scholarship, backed by a historic donation, offers fully funded master’s degrees and leadership development. My academic excellence and community activism showcased through initiatives like Jagran and Play for Peace highlight my commitment to positive change. As I prepare for final interviews, I strive to embody the qualities of a future leader: integrity, kindness, curiosity, and courage. My journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and purposeful leadership.

Thank you for reading and your continuous support. Together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future.