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How can you keep compassion, connection and community alive when you or loved ones are sick?

By Marilyn Levin

How can you keep compassion, connection and community alive when you or loved ones are sick? Like every other company and organization we have also had to navigate getting our work done and supporting team members falling ill.

What do we do? With all of the viruses, cold and other illnesses affecting so many of us globally, we try to bring Play for Peace values to the table make things a little more manageable and a little less miserable. Here are some tips Marilyn, just getting over a cold herself, put together for you if you’ve got the sniffles…once again.

1. Trust that this too shall pass and that for most of us it won't be too long before we will feel vibrant again.

2. Be very compassionate towards yourself with your expectations of yourself and allowing yourself to not be anything close to your best.

3.Ask for support, let others do things for you and enjoy the feeling of giving.

4.Watch things that inspire you and make you laugh so even if you can't get out of the bed you are witnessing things that lift you up.

5.Give yourself permission to focus fully on your healing so you can heal as quickly and fully as possible.

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Live Laughter. Choose Compassion. Practice Peace.

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