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Myanmar: Day 1 in Myitkyina – Peace & Violence (Part 2)

"The activity was an opportunity for them to understand how we perceive realities differently." - Swati Bhatt

  As part of their Day 1 activities, the group from the Pinya Tagar Academy in Myitkyina were asked to make a word web for Peace and Violence. Play for Peace master trainers Swati Bhatt and Agyat Shunya made an interesting observation that at first the group referred to people and events beyond their immediate reality. The group were then asked to look at their own peace and violence experiences before looking at army, discrimination and ethnic differences. The participants then created their own newspaper on Peace and Violence using images and headlines from old newspapers. Later they shared a personal experience of either peace or violence within their small groups. At the end of the activity, the group looked at each other’s newspapers. “It was an opportunity for them to understand how we perceive realities differently” said Swati. With a little sadness, one of them observed how all their personal stories were about violence. But they were also happy that they could use this activity with their own students. Myitkyina Day1.2 4 Myitkyina Day1.2 2Myitkyina Day1.2 1