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Celebrating Play for Peace in the New Year

We started our year creating a wonderful experience on January 15th where we met to celebrate ourselves and our work with PFP. We opened with a “Laughter Toss' activity followed by a “One-Hand Dance.” Then we took time in pairs to explore what we celebrate about ourselves and what we love about PFP. We ended with closing remarks by Sarah Gough, our Executive Director.

A few special moments included Farheen, from India, sharing a song of empowerment the girls she works with in her community wrote and a request from Innocent of Kenya to help adapt some of our activities for children with special needs.  Abhi of Nepal teased Yasmin about all of her email outreach. Kevin, a PFP Board Member of the United States shared he’ll have a quick surgery this week. We laughed, we learned and shared the love we have for our work and each other.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and to Yasmin Hussain and Joel Alexander for organizing this memorable event!

This year, in this channel, we invite you to celebrate who you are right now; all your quirkiness, struggles, and perceived flaws included. Then, join us in learning how to live with laughter, choose compassion and practice peace in YOUR OWN LIFE as well as share our support with the thousands of young people who are working to make the world a better place for all of us. 2023, let’s make this our year!