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Leading a Successful Workshop at Chico State University

"One of the indicators of the magic of the day was the joy and connection that participants left with and the choice they all made to spend the evening together rather than..."

PFP Alumni - What Are They up to Now?

These are just some life stories of people who, in their youth, believed in the importance of PFP for their formation as leaders of peace. They now inspire other people to form new leadership for a better world, there are many people who are not in these stories but we know who they are and what they’ve done. Well, they may not have had access to much study or college education but they are leaders in their homes and pass those values on to their children and others in the community and that's the success of Play for Peace that we wanted to see 25 years ago.

Play for Peace Made Me Feel Safe Again

"Thus, I started my journey with PFP and went back to the joy that I experienced through play in my childhood.  After the two days, I felt a deep resonance to the purpose of offering that joy to anyone and /or everyone who was present at the various schools I visited..."

They're just kids...

Why do we easily place harsh labels on children when they’re not meeting our expectations? Why do we have such high expectations for them when we haven’t finished figuring out life ourselves

Treasured Moments from One Generation to the Next

Yasmin got the opportunity to sit down with our co-founder, Craig Dobkin. I wanted to learn more about her encounter with him because I believe that these moments where one generation bonds and teaches the other are beyond sacred. Here’s her account...

A Cute Moment Caught on Outdoor Cam between a Youth Leader and her group of kids!

The video is of one of our facilitators arriving at home and a group of neighborhood kids greeting her with the PFP opening. Only one of those kids was in our play session the week before. They taught the opening to the other kids and they all now wait for her to arrive in the afternoon to do this with her. Such a great ripple effect! The best thing I've seen in a long time....

Breaking the Language Barrier Between Ukrainian Refugees and Swiss Students Through Games

The Play for Peace group went to one of the centers to meet the Ukrainian children. In the beginning, the biggest challenge was communication as almost none of us spoke any Russian or Ukrainian. But then the game magic began to work...

How Do We Get Children to Feel More Comfortable Opening Up to Us as Adults?

"I saw a tweet recently about how children are an oppressed class and we often treat them as one. I felt that. We try to project our unfilled dreams and expectations on them while forgetting they’re also trying to figure this ‘life thing’ out as well -  but at a much slower pace. It is tantamount we are kind to them, in words, actions and expectations..."

Time for Phase 2!

"Others were blown away by what they learned and many were extremely grateful to be apart of the project..."

Introducing Play for Peace to an Interior Tribal Village Bordering Rajasthan and Gujarat

On day five, I saw the last session and the participants read out what they understood their duties and rights were. No document was introduced to them. The detailing of the right to life included joy, food, sleep, love, and respect. In a way, the kids included The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) without having been introduced to these documents! 

Peaceful Impacts - Reaching New Heights in the Himalayan Mountains!

This incredible update comes from Nikhil, a certified trainer, and facilitator with Play for Peace. Working with kids comes with its own unique challenges but, honestly? Nikhil's update shows just how much meeting kid's where they are at truly has the most beautiful and profound impact.

Peaceful Impacts - The 30 Peacemakers in La Cienaga, San Raymundo, Guatemala Fighting for our Planet

Hey friends, would you take a few minutes to read this update from our club friends in Guatemala with us?

We LOVE Lee's Answers in this Short Interview!

Meet Lee - an Academic Writing lecturer in Coventry, England who helps make activities on the Kikori app ready for use for people like us! This is another short and sweet read that's PERFECT for those of us with busier schedules. Click to read more!

Are Children's Games the ‘Secret Sauce’ to a Happy Adulthood?

In psychology, there’s something called the Inner Child. It is a part of us, the child in us, that never dies. It is why when we’re going through difficult times as adults, we tend to look back at the fun times we had as kids. Each one of us is capable of retaining our Inner Child. It’s in all of us. It could be an activity we liked doing as a child, that made us extremely happy, that in our grown-up states, we still do it. This is why...

(Click to read more!)

Lean on Me

Meet Joanne - an Attorney who helps craft the best and most engaging activities on the Kikori app. This is a short and sweet read that's PERFECT for those of us with busier schedules. Click to read more!

Two Years in the Making and Going Strong!

In Chicago, what started as an idea two years ago, to lead a Practice Peace Session (cooperative play session) with a neighboring elementary school, only to have it canceled due to the pandemic, finally happened with a little persistence and with the help of a whole community! Meet Zaire in Part 1 of this series.

How One Volunteer Would Create A Peaceful World if Money Weren't a Problem!

Meet Baldwin Hove - a Zimbabwe native who’s now residing in South Africa and editor on the Content Crew.  He is a Historian, Development practitioner, and Educator who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in African History. What would Baldwin do to create a more peaceful world if money weren’t a problem? Keep reading to find out!

Team Spotlight! Sajjad Sikandar, Content Crew

Meet Sajjad Sikandar of Abbottabad, Pakistan, editor on the Content Crew project. He is a United Nations Volunteers and edits social emotional learning activities that are shared with the entire Play for Peace community!

Team Spotlight! Danielle Dery, Content Crew

Meet Danielle Dery of Virginia, USA. She uploads activities into the Kikori app after they've been transcribed by other members of the crew, and edits activities that others uploaded into Kikori.

The Importance of Play in How I Manage Stress

"For me, the games we play have allowed me to connect deeply with myself, and tap into my relationships with my colleagues, my family, and everyone around me."

"Pour moi, les jeux auxquels nous jouons m'ont permis de me connecter profondément avec moi-même et de puiser dans mes relations avec mes collègues, ma famille et tout le monde autour de moi."