Why Earth Week? Because Water is Life

In partnership with Compassion Games, Play for Peace has organized activities for Earth Week—a nine-day global challenge from April 14-22—to inspire acts of love, service, and compassion toward Mother Earth.

#OurCommunities: Lean Bodies in Costa Mesa, California, Makes Waves with Surf Prom charity event

While traveling in India, Elisa Huang had the opportunity to work with Play for Peace as a physical activity trainer. In 2017, Elisa traveled to South Africa, where she volunteered with Surfshack Outreach. She quickly saw several similarities between the two.

The Feast for Peace was SO Much Fun!

The 2018 Feast for Peace was a wonderful night filled with compassion, great food, lots of games, and incredible inspiration. Check out some of the highlights here! For those who were able to join us, THANK YOU for your support. 

UPDATE: #OurCommunities: Certified Trainers to Conduct Training in Kashmir

UPDATE: Swati and Agyat reached Kashmir where they intended to work with the people who run Child Friendly Spaces (CFS). The project was implemented by Action Aid, which has two partners and the desire to run 100 CFS. The plan was to have two…

#OurCommunities: The Power of Play in the Aftermath of War: Rayan Salam

“One of the most beautiful aspects, I think, is that it makes them feel at peace. They forget about their current troubles, what they have been through and about war. For a bit they just play." —Rayan Salam 

#OurCommunities: Welcome Youth Facilitator, Tweety Manayan!

“PFP is a family of inspiring people who see a better place through engaging in experiential learning that promotes peace through games." - Tweety Manayan, Youth Facilitator, PFP Cebu Tweety Manayan joined the Play for Peace Cebu club when she was…

Celebrating International Women's Day - March 8

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s a day to create awareness for the inequality that still exists between men and women. On a global scale, women still earn less money for the same jobs, are less likely to be politically involved, and are…

2018 Feast for Peace Storyteller and Percussionist is Michael J. Taylor

Michael J. Taylor, more commonly known as Taylor, will be performing his unique blend of storytelling and percussion at Feast for Peace this year. His toolkit consists of a background in theater, a natural talent for music, and a love of African…

2018 Feast for Peace Emcee is Harold Payne

Play for Peace is excited to introduce the emcee for the 2018 Feast for Peace, Mr. Harold Payne - an improv singer/songwriter. Sponsored by Play for Peace friend and support John Dillon, Harold will bring his talent and charisma to those attending…

February 20 is World Day of Social Justice

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”- Martin Luther King Jr. Around 1.5 billion people live in countries experiencing situations of fragility and armed violence, and another 200 million people are affected by the slow or…

2018 Feast For Peace Keynote Speaker is Certified Trainer Rita Nguyen

If you're attending the 2018 Feast For Peace, you'll be delighted to know that Certified Trainer and Founder of the A New Day Social Work Group in Vietnam, Rita Nguyen, will serve as the keynote speaker. Her story is one of utmost compassion and…

Voices for Peace: Isabel Jolón

When she joined Play for Peace Palencia four years ago, Isabel Jolón was afraid to speak in front of groups. Now, she's facilitating and leading activities for the club and making a positive change in her community. Today's #WhyWePlay message is…

#WhyWePlay: Play for Peace Senegal

Play for Peace Senegal continues to change the lives of and inspire children each day. And mentor El Hadj Beye is committed to the children and the work that needs to be done in the community.

#OurStories: Blogger Kishauna Soljour

Kishauna Soljour recently completed her doctoral dissertation in France. She researches and writes about notions of identity, immigration and law at the international level.  Kishauna is a Play for Peace volunteer on the communications team.…

Aidan Hennessy

“Every day I think about all the kids I can help and it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that I’ve helped them.”

#OurStories: Congratulations, PFP Mentor Arif Khan!

“Having my Play for Peace friends at my wedding assured me that Play for Peace creates deeper friendships. I am very happy to have them in my life!" - Arif Khan When Arif Khan and his wife were married on December 7, 2017, in Jaipur City, India,…

#OurStories: Blogger Laura Vasquez

“Change is good and we must not be afraid of it!” - Laura Vasquez Born and raised in Mexico City, Laura has worked as a Play for Peace volunteer for almost 2 years. In addition to covering Latin America, Laura also helps with communications for…

#WhyWePlay: PFP South Sudan

In South Sudan, 20 children participated in a Play for Peace Global Games session that explored the themes of peace and identity.

#WhyWePlay: Play for Peace Palencia

We had so much fun playing with PFP Palencia this week. Check out the video highlights! [video width="640" height="362" mp4="/web/default/files/BlogImages/ContentImages/2018-01-09-VIDEO-000006212b9434a79cd53d9d5f7758d34b52c0fc.mp4"][/video]

Nepal Friendship Society Recognized by Bharatpur Metro Municipality City Council

The Nepal Friendship Society was awarded a certificate of recognition for outstanding contributions to the sanitation sector in the first City Council of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality. Birendra Poudel, chairperson of Nepal Friendship Society,…