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#PFPGlobalUnity: Play for Peace Mexico

Inclusion, respect, and awareness about migrants are a pillar for a closer-knit society.

Back in September, Play for Peace clubs around the globe participated in Compassion Games' Global Unity Games. Clubs hosted scores of activities focused on making our world a better, more understanding and welcoming place to live. The Compassion Games are held several times throughout the year, and Play for Peace Mexico is no stranger to them.

This time around, the team chose to focus its activities and message on creating awareness for migrant people. Groups began by discussing what it means to be a migrant and used games like "Hot Potato" and "The Canoe" to get them thinking. The facilitators set out with a goal to help the youth realize that they have the possibility and responsibility to play an active role in the aid of migrants in their community. The youth gave away candy with quotes and phrases that could inspire reflection about migrants and their situations to people in a public square. This helped the club raise awareness and spread knowledge about what it means to be a migrant.

“We realized most people have no idea what migrants have to go through or how much they suffer,” shared one of the participants in the games. “Reflecting about migration means opening up to different points of view and developing empathy," said Francisco León, leader of Play for Peace Mexico Club. "Only then will our society see the importance of building safe spaces for migrants and make a conscious effort to help ease their difficulties.”