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Abel Erim Aldana: Transforming Violence to Peaceful Advocacy with Play for Peace.

In all these years of Play for Peace in Guatemala, we have shared with many organizations, communities, and people who know that this works to achieve changes for peace and a more just world.

 Abel Erim Aldana has been part of this community since 2008 implementing our work model in his community, Abel is a leader in favor of violence prevention at heart, he lives in one of the most difficult areas of the capital Guatemala. The work that Abel and the GESA association have done for many years in their community so that children and young people have safe spaces for participation and avoid community violence is admirable. Abel, thank you for being here with us and believing in this, people like you in their efforts are perhaps taking small steps towards peace but for us, they are giant steps. 

We hope to soon be with you and your young people to build a better world.

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