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Reflections from Nepal: Meet Our Youth Leader from the Himalaya Club

“I read a quote somewhere about how connection is an energy. Joining Play for Peace has helped me to build connections with people, without judgment about beliefs, values, strengths, or weaknesses.” —Saugat Singh Saud

I am Saugat Singh Saud, an educator in Nepal, who is passionate about helping young people build important life skills. I was unaware of Play for Peace until I attended a training in April 2019. As a result of the training I learned about  what I, as an individual, can do for my community while building peace within myself. Soon, a new club was formed, the Play for Peace Himalaya Club, and as a youth facilitator I am excited to be a part of it because of the personal development opportunities and the joy that the club’s cooperative activities bring to the faces of the children and youth here.

As an educator, it's essential for me to work with young people. Throughout the day, I find kids dealing with the pressure of the syllabus and curriculum and see them quite exhausted. While this seems to be a normal issue for students, the impact is huge. Students who don’t perform well in academics, are not willing to go to school, have disciplinary issues, experience social isolation, etc., are some of the common problems that result. This has become a huge challenge. Likewise, the evolution of technology has also made them into couch potatoes, so they are unaware of the things happening around them. For this reason, I am hoping that planning a session at schools in the community will build a foundation for inclusive learning, where education happens with joy, and where the four Cs of learning—critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity—is emphasized. This is the reason why I am motivated to join Play for Peace and share my knowledge with other youth in the community so they will join the Play for Peace community.

Meeting strangers and developing connections with them is an awesome part of being a Play for Peace leader. Play for Peace has developed my confidence, connections, and creativity. Furthermore, working with our team of leader, preparing for each session, and feeling valued by the group has been one of the warmest experiences I've had in my life. 

I am sure that every member of the Play for Peace Himalaya Club in Nepal feels privileged to be a part of Play for Peace. We are hoping to reach out to nearby communities so we can brighten up their days with PLAY! 

It is true that:

When we play, we re-create. When we play, we become our true selves. When we play, we open ourselves up to learning. When we play, we discover and connect with one another.