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Uniting for a Greater Purpose: The Play for Peace Roundtable

Denver, Colorado, recently witnessed a special in-person gathering that brought Play for Peace's most dedicated supporters together to tackle an exciting challenge. This passionate group, known as the Play for Peace Roundtable, accepted the mission to utilize their wisdom and valor in raising awareness and resources for Play for Peace.

A Remarkable Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Play for Peace Roundtable was a captivating blend of commitment, generosity, creativity, playfulness, innovation, and meaningful connections that lasted throughout the weekend. 

Playful Learning and Connection

We engaged in purposeful play guided by Craig D and Craig Z, fostering laughter and strengthening our connections. Through the skillful facilitation of Sarah and Marilyn, we gained a profound understanding of Play for Peace's ethos, magic, and challenges. Danny guided us in expressing ourselves through art, and we cherished the marble Play for Peace globes we received.

Sharpening Minds and Focusing Efforts

Improve and experiential activities kept our minds sharp and bodies engaged. Custom-designed SOAR activities empowered our working groups to generate priority projects and initiate plans to bring them to life.

A Collective Effort

The Roundtable members diligently explored, examined, dialogued, and ultimately identified critical focus areas to meet the challenge of raising awareness and resources for Play for Peace. Sub-committees were formed around these projects, including the Craig Legacy Project, Play for Peace Corps, Play for Peace PR Team, Playscapes expansion, and Play for Peace Merchandise.

Innovation and Unity

Sarah and Marilyn had the opportunity to facilitate in person, discovering the magic of working with Craig. We adapted our program on the fly, prioritizing the group's brilliant questions, and enabling them to produce beautiful projects. We supported each other with rides to the airport, shared countless hugs and high-fives, and demonstrated our commitment to Play for Peace by choosing leftovers over dining out to save funds.

A Surprise Success

Saturday afternoon featured a heartwarming appreciation activity and a surprise fundraising meeting led by Alex, which raised an astonishing $33,000. This support further fueled our commitment to the selected projects.

Heartfelt Thank You!

To our dedicated Roundtable members, we extend our heartfelt thanks. You exceeded our expectations, lifted our spirits, and kindled our hope for a brighter future. Together, we are making a real impact! 

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to promote peace and unity through Play for Peace.