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The First Roundtable Adventure In Colorado

Written by Joanne,

I knew I was where I wanted to be. There wasn’t a minute during the first  gathering of Play for Peace Roundtable in Thornton, Colorado, October 13-15, 2023, when I wanted to someplace else.

On Friday evening, our first session together, we were gifted with a crystal globe featuring the PFP logo. It has a stand on which it can be spun. Beautiful. I felt Craig’s happiness in having us there. (I felt petty putting initials on my globe's box, but sinceI lost track of it that evening, I was happy I could idntify it later- maybe not necessary). We played some bonding activites, eliciting laughter, and ate a catered Mediterranean dinner. Who knew chickpeas were in so many Med dishes? Everything was delicious. We had plenty of leftovers, maily shish kebabs that become part of Saturday's lunch and dinner.

Then we made name tags out of materials provided by Danny Jenkins. With all his enthusiasm, he put out thousands of little letters and symbols, and hundreds of badges for backdrops with which to create. Chaun Pidgeon played a mystical bell/gong during our efforts. I made a name tag for Chaun since he was busy sounding our mood.

On Saturday, we played more games called out by the two Craigs, got organized in our focus by Sarah and Marilyn who used clever props and prompts, then split into 3 groups of 4-5 RTablers to imagine ways to promote the work and play of PFP and expand its resources (i.e, money). We honed in on the SOAR cards' structure provided by the PFP wonders. With mutual respect and sharing innovation, we developed many solid ideas and methods.

Before we enjoyed our lunch, we heard from Sanford Tollette, just arrived from Arkansas. A cicil rights and education leader for decades, he had recently recieved an award from Central High School( his alma mater) in Little Rock, AR, where desegregation opponents prevented 9 black students from attending school in 1957, causing intervention by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He spoke softly yet urgently about his experiential activities and school curriculam. He was amazing.

After lunch, we formed different groups according to our interests and talents, to further develop ideas from morning session.. With all the output, PFP changed the future of the Roundtable from 2-3 Zooms yearly to monthly Zooms. We received little velvet bags of smaller crystal PFP globes, with a challenge to use and share them to spread the message of laughter, peace and compassion of Play for Peace. Danny surprised us with gifts of classic Colorado license plates (presumably not stolen) on treated wood.

Sunday, we watched a media program that further inspired us with the children and youth leaders of Play for Peace. We discussed the future activities of Roundtable. I have never been as creative and inspired as I am during this Roundtable weekend. 

I fed off of the inspiration and creativity of you, incrediable leaders in your fields whose hearts feel the peace, compassion, and laughter of this incrediable adventure of Play for Peace, led by the greatest adventure of all, Craig Dobkin. 

Writing this, I am reminded of my commitment of a donation to PFP, made during a confidential "pass the hat" on Sunday.

Gotta get that done! 

To my friends, have a sunny day.