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Play for Peace Empowers DreamsHub: A Week of Training in Sri Lanka

Play for Peace conducted a week of training for our partner organization DreamsHub. Our international trainers, Agyatmitra and Swati Bhatt returned to Sri Lanka after first arriving in 2017 to open 3 Play for Peace clubs. DreamsHub is an organization that teaches young people, children, and women skill development and entrepreneurship training through tailor-made creativity, innovation, and transformation empowerment tools to support them in becoming leaders and entrepreneurs in their community. The week consisted of a reintroduction of Play for Peace, attending leadership training, and understanding how to engage and support their local community. After the workshops with DreamsHub staff, the group took what they learned and brought it to one neighboring school and one orphanage. Over 200 local children attended these sessions. Now, they are in conversation with these schools to host ongoing Practice Peace Sessions there. 

Three decades of civil war ended in Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka, and continuous disasters have long affected the community. This PFP training boosted morale and inspiration among the DreamsHub staff. The training supported the DreamsHub facilitators to strengthen their leadership skills and engage with a few outside community schools and orphanages by creating a weekly life skills development program held at the DreamsHub space. 

A new group of young facilitators at DreamsHub came out to continue the PFP Practice Peace Sessions in various places regularly. DreamsHub Founder and Play for Peace mentor, Aninilavan shares: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your meaningful collaborations, mentorship, wonderful support, and belief in our dreams. We look forward to continuing to impact underserved communities positively and empowering individuals to achieve their dreams with your support.”

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