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Thank You Thursday: Our Donors!

With just a week and a half left to go in our #Raise1ToPlayAs1 holiday give campaign, we want to take this opportunity to thank ALL who have participated already.

At publish time, we have raised $35,400, meaning 35 clubs across the world have support for 2017, which means that 35 clubs can move forward in their mission to bring peace and camaraderie to their communities that may be devastated by conflict, extreme poverty, racial and socioeconomic differences, or hunger. Play for Peace's 60+ clubs worldwide need your help. If we reach our $64,000 goal, this means that our clubs will have the support they need to conduct new sessions with new groups of children; that they'll be able to bring materials and reminders for participants so their experience is easily reflected on; and that they'll be able to continue spreading the mission of peace through cooperative games across their respective communities. Here are some quotes from some of our partners and leaders:

“In the past year with Play for Peace, I have seen the kids grow and learn new things they never thought possible. When they first started, it really was a struggle to get them together for group games. As time went on, they were asking us every day if we were doing Play for Peace games.” - Shannon Whitmer —After School Coordinator, Schmitt Elementary

“The connections I’ve experienced while traveling have taught me that there are commonalities between all cultures—these are the responses to laughter, play, compassion, connection, love—all that Play for Peace promotes. The more we have of these things, the better.” - Stephen Proudman—CEO, The Proudman Group, Inc.

“What I really I love about Play for Peace is the flexibility and tailor-made components that give each club its own identity, as well as the freedom to fit Play for Peace into its culture.” - Dian Mitrayani—Research and Ph.D. Candidate

“Play for Peace encourages the kids to practice peaceful co-existence and inclusiveness. These are the ideals they value.” - Zohar Sachar—Hand in Hand Community Organizer

“I’m impressed by this program in so many ways. The children not only have fun, but also learn many meaningful lessons through games.” - Rita Nguyen—Volunteer, A New Day Play for Peace Club, Vietnam

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your support. And may you have a happy holiday!