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#WaterIsLife: 5 Ways You Can Conserve Water TODAY

Did you know that the average American household uses over 400 gallons of water PER DAY? Yet over 783 million people around the world do not have access to clean water.

As a part of Compassion Games Earth Week, Play for Peace, individuals, and organizations around the world are taking a more focused look at water conservation and how important water is to humanity. The hashtag #WaterIsLife reminds us that without water, there is no life, and that we must take steps NOW to ensure our children and grandchildren have an earth that can sustain human life. This week, we invite you to take these five steps to help conserve water in your household. If we each do our part to reduce and conserve our water usage, we will make an even bigger difference in our earth's supply. Take shorter showers. Older shower fixtures can use up to 5 gallons per minute. Save water by speeding up your shower and even upgrading your fixture to a low-flow or adjustable-flow shower head. Install a rain barrel. By harvesting your rainwater, you'll have a conserved resource for watering your plants and garden so you don't have to use the hose. Use less electricity. Power plants tend to use thousands of gallons of water to cool. By reducing your electricity usage, you can also reduce your water consumption! Turn off the faucet. Whether you're brushing your teeth, scrubbing your hands, or washing your face, if you're not using the water, turn off the faucet. This will save gallons of water each week. Immediately fix even the smallest leaks. Leaky faucets, leaky hoses, or dripping spigots may not seem like a big deal if they're just dripping, but leaks can waste gallons and gallons of water per month if they aren't properly fixed. For more tips on conserving water in your home, click here.