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#WaterIsLife: Compassion Games Earth Week is April 22-30

“Water is the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our children's lifetime. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land.” - Luna Leopold

Mark your calendar for April 22 to April 30 – it’s the return of Compassion Games Earth Week! Following last year’s success, Play for Peace will join Compassion Games again on this year’s 9-day Earth Week event. This year’s theme is “Water is Life! Protect the Sacred!” No one can live without water. It is the valuable resource offered by our Mother Earth, which sustains our everyday life and development. Water is within our bodies, every ocean, river, watershed, lake, sea, and it should be cared for and protected. There are many things we can do as citizens of Mother Earth to our beautiful planet, and we invite you to join us on “Water is Life” Earth Week to help protect and sustain healthy life with your families and friends. There are plenty of ways to get involved in Earth Week: from organizing creative and regenerative service projects for the Earth, to performing acts of kindness. You may participate in Earth Week as individuals or teams. All players will receive a Secret Agent of Compassion mission to use each day of the Water is Life event. This will offer you substantial, tangible ideas and inspiration for activities to maximize the amusement and benefits of your engagement in Earth Week. In addition, Play for Peace offers our members an additional guide booklet in English and local languages to participate in this meaningful event. And of course, such meaningful experiences and wonderful ideas to adore our Mother Earth don’t just stop at the completion of activities: they have to be shared! Players of Earth Week will report on their activities on the Compassion Report Map. The reports of registered teams are reflected on the Earth Week Scoreboard, showcasing the number of volunteers, number of hours and people served, and the money raised for local or global causes. Every effort counts and every accomplishment will be shared to the world to inspire more to join us in the appreciation and protection of our Mother Earth! Join us now and sign up for Earth Week!   [embed][/embed]