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Welcome, Play for Peace Sri Lanka!

On November 29, NextGen youth In SriLanka decided to start a Play for Peace club and decided to call it NextGen Play for Peace club.

  For over 25 years, the civil war in Sri Lanka caused significant hardships for its people, environment and economy. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. Though the civil war has thankfully ended, the people of Sri Lanka are still recovering from the trauma of the civil war. Working to ensure that peace is maintained is vital to help sustain their recovery. Swati and Agyat connected with Trudy Juriansz and Sion Zivetz at a Center for Nonviolent Communication NVC convention four years ago. Trudy attended some Play for Peace Sessions and then discussed the possibility of a Play for Peace, Sri Lanka. On November 29, the first day of the Giving Games, Play for Peace, partnered with Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia (GENOA) to establish a new club, called NextGen in Galle, Sri Lanka. The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and international solidarity, so creation of this "NextGen" club was aligned to its goal. As part of establishing the club, a Practice Peace session with children in  Thomas Gall International school took place. This helped introduce techniques to ensure peace is maintained at a community level. Although, it has only been days since the club was created, it is a vibrant example of how much joy peaceful practices can bring to both adults and children. Trudy and Sion are continuing to build the club with the support of Swati and Agyat from afar. We are so excited to welcome the NextGen club to the Play for Peace family! [gallery size="medium" ids="7997,7998,8022,8023,8024,8025,8026,8027,8028,8029,8030,8031"]