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#WhyWePlay: Play For Peace Kicks Off Year-End Campaign

When we reflect on our purpose and mission at Play for Peace, we use play to create compassion, laughter, and peace in communities around the world. But when we truly sit back and reflect on WHY it is that we play, it takes the voices of our global community to tell us. Over the next several weeks, we will embark on a journey that will ask our community for their stories. Their purpose for play. Their #WhyWePlay testimonial. As we sift through their words, you'll notice a few themes that will continue to shine through:

  • Children, youth, and adults living in communities divided by conflict are more at risk for violence, crime, and inequality. This is why we work to #BuildCommunity.
  • Every minute, 20 people are forcibly displaced due to conflict and persecution. Many then face fear and hatred in their new homes. This is why we want to #EndXenophobia.
  • Children living with anxiety due to insecure environments, discrimination, and trauma are less likely to thrive now and later in life. This is why we #BringJoy.

We believe that youth-led facilitated play has the power to bring together people from different nationalities, religions, and backgrounds to find common ground, build friendships, and create a more peaceful world. To support our #WhyWePlay journey, Play for Peace clubs around the globe will participate in our Global Games. Inspired by our partnership with Compassion Games, December 1-31 will include themes and events focused on Building Community, Ending Xenophobia, and Bringing Joy.

You can get involved! Together, we can break the cycle of violence and fear. [embed][/embed]