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Treasured Moments from One Generation to the Next

Hello friends!

Yasmin got the opportunity to sit down with our co-founder, Craig Dobkin. I wanted to learn more about her encounter with him because I believe that these moments where one generation bonds and teaches the other are beyond sacred. Here’s her account:

Online connections have been the way for the last 3 years, and when you get to finally meet in person, wow what a special moment! 

Craig was one of the first Play for Peace people I met with. Grateful to have met with and learned with the best! We went over activities that flowed into story-telling and back again. 

I left with new props, new stories, and a new wealth of information. I hope to travel back to visit again. Otherwise, AEE is where we shall meet again. 

What are some things that stood out to you the most from your conversation with Craig?

The essence of Play for Peace. Here I am stopping by to see Craig who I’ve talked to a handful of times and it just felt like…family.

Did you do anything fun or interesting while there?

I stopped by Denver, Colorado on my way to Sacramento, California for a workshop I was facilitating. I met up with Craig and we played games while he talked through a lot of the ethos of different activities I would end up using for the workshop. There's so much more meaning in an activity and it was so helpful to talk through the flow with a legend!

What activities did you talk about?

I've had a lot of contact with people who were brought into Play for Peace by Craig. Most of what I knew about him were stories of his amazing work. He's really impacted many people throughout the world and I simply felt honored I got to go see him.

I facilitated a workshop at Chico State University thanks to being connected with them through Craig. It was my first in-person gathering in three years. He talked through every component as we both talked through various workshop activities. I left feeling super excited about the workshop. He's an amazing mentor and motivator!

Top it all off, I left with a huge climbing rope, to play jump rope with!

In the end, I really appreciated the time he took to support me and go over any questions. He quotes this often "the good is the enemy of the best".

Until my next adventure,

Yasmin Hussain, Global Operations Manager for Play for Peace

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